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I’m Sophie, a welsh wedding photographer who has been shooting weddings for over 10 years! I live in Cardiff, South Wales with my Fiancé, James and our springer spaniel, Mollie. I absolutely LOVE my job, I’m so grateful (even during mid wedding season when my eyes are square haha). Photography has always been my passion, I’ve done it since leaving school having graduated with a BA in Uni. I fell in love with documenting people early on, it makes me so happy knowing I’ve captured memories that I know people will treasure forever.

A little bit more about me…

A few things I love



My approach on a wedding day is super relaxed. It’s really hard for me to pin point my work to a particular style, I love to document moments as they happen. I don’t tend to plan many shots as I love capturing the day as it unfolds naturally. I’m a HUGE lover of colour, personality & fun at a wedding, I think the day should reflect who you are as a couple and I make sure I capture every detail!

I’m also a HUGE dog lover, so if your dog (or any other pet) is coming to your wedding, I’m already there!

My favourite images from wedding days are always those ones where you, your family and friends are laughing, crying & throwing some questionable dance moves! Those are the ones that make me love what I do. From the big excited cwtches to the emotional quiet moments. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE couple portraits (especially at golden hour), but I don’t spend too long on these. I want you to enjoy your day with your guests too. This is why when it comes to family group shots, if you’re wanting a long list of 20 different variations then i’m probably not the right gal for you! That being said, I will always make sure I grab those important group shots of those who mean the world to you, I just don’t like to spend forever doing them, especially with how quick that time goes!

dogs at weddings


When it comes to your couple portraits, I love just going for a little walk around the grounds of your venue, not posing you too much but guiding you so you feel super relaxed. A lot of my couples tell me they’re nervous in front of the camera, and I completely get it, I hate being in front of the camera too! But honestly those nervous laughs you do when you’re looking at each other are always the best images. They usually take place 15 minutes or so before food, and another little 10 minutes after during golden hour if we get one!

Other than that, I just join in like any other guest whilst constantly shooting and looking for those moments!


“Sophie was exceptional from start to finish. There was no pressure on “posing” and (no offence Soph) we didn’t even notice she was there- the photos were so natural. We are so grateful for all the priceless moments captured. Thank you Sophie!”